hi there. for once in a very dark blue moon, i somehow managed to finish all my submissions before ten tonight, which is in two minutes or less. point is, i have some time on my hands before a pretty hectic week starting tomorrow, and i decided that it was time to finally dump everything … Continue reading connected


hi there. the past few days have been one of those "either everyone disappears or i disappear" type of day - everything has been overwhelming to say the least, and exhausting to say the most. i was feeling too many emotions and my mind was filled with endless thoughts, been meaning to pour them out … Continue reading nullity

night sky

hi there. the initial plan for tonight was to write an article because i truly find that easier than writing here, but the slight over-productivity from the last couple of days means that i still have three articles pending for any editor's review. which is a sign that i should pause on the writing there … Continue reading night sky