fix it to break it

hi there. it's been quite a long while. can we talk about what's on her mind? there's actually quite a lot as always but, she'll start from somewhere. who knew being the spectator to a football game would be so overwhelming, because perhaps it truly is - but considering how she's not a fan of … Continue reading fix it to break it

high tide

hi there. what a surprise, it's been almost two months since i last wrote here. i might have been slipping lately, considering that it has also been a week and counting since i last wrote an article. with a conscience, perhaps i ought to be feeling guilty for lacking in article contributions and lagging behind … Continue reading high tide


hi there. for once in a very dark blue moon, i somehow managed to finish all my submissions before ten tonight, which is in two minutes or less. point is, i have some time on my hands before a pretty hectic week starting tomorrow, and i decided that it was time to finally dump everything … Continue reading connected


hi there. the past few days have been one of those "either everyone disappears or i disappear" type of day - everything has been overwhelming to say the least, and exhausting to say the most. i was feeling too many emotions and my mind was filled with endless thoughts, been meaning to pour them out … Continue reading nullity

night sky

hi there. the initial plan for tonight was to write an article because i truly find that easier than writing here, but the slight over-productivity from the last couple of days means that i still have three articles pending for any editor's review. which is a sign that i should pause on the writing there … Continue reading night sky


hi there. thirty-four articles in two months and a few days, jotting down my progress bit by bit. and no one really asked but three weeks ago, one of my professors said that the stephen curry was a famous baseball player and i am still not over that assumption, clearly. i'm usually extremely silent in … Continue reading pink


she a fragile vase of china to be seen with open eyes handle her with care but not with flare a little sensitivity for her intricate lines she the one that holds all the emotions that overflow spilling down her sides tilting her down below “if this was the last conversation we had, would you … Continue reading she