fog of illusions

hi there. today is a tuesday which equates to the second day of the third week of the ninth month. its also less than a month till school starts, and much less than a month till the livestream concert. i'm pretty excited about it still if you can't already tell. oddly enough, the weather has … Continue reading fog of illusions

let’s talk

hi there. its currently an hour till midnight, i should be sleeping but here i am after some animal crossing and pok√©mon sword whereby i've been trying to find togetic for ages now. after a week of endless raidings, i've finally caught two tonight and i'm beyond happy to start a new team. unfortunately, luck … Continue reading let’s talk


hi there. is this going to be titled content because i'm writing more content? or is it because i've been feeling content and better? perhaps a mix of both contents. punny. breezing through the first week of september, a mix of stagnant mornings, sizzling afternoons and slippery evenings. a lot has happened in just one … Continue reading content