bon voyage

hi there. its been several hours now and i hope you're sailing well into the night, where the dark sky is illuminated by numerous stars. i heard that the seas are calmer at night, when the waves aren't as rocky and predators dive in deeper, when the pirates decide its time for them to rest … Continue reading bon voyage


hi there. currently writing this from my phone, something i’ve not done in a century. usually, i would use my laptop but today presents me with an unusual tinge of fatigue, rendering me too tired to even turn on any electronic device bigger than my phone. so here i am, despite telling myself that i … Continue reading directions

invisible love

hi there. it has been quite a while, we're halfway through march already. soon enough, we'll be one-third into this year, the quick pace of time scares me sometimes. quite a bit has happened since i last wrote here, one of it being the start of a whole new semester. i'm done with week one, … Continue reading invisible love


hi there. i’ve disappeared for almost a month, some things just never change. here’s me typing once again, about how tired i’ve been and still am, and how i am struggling to balance out and juggle my life together whilst trying to stay sane. the good news is that i am done with most of … Continue reading overspending

take me to the top

hi there. the lunar new year is fast approaching and whilst i am delightfully excited, i’m also tragically afraid of how i’m going to spread out my workload amidst house visitations and hosting. one would say that i can spend my free time doing my assignments and finishing them as soon as possible, but instead … Continue reading take me to the top

falling in love

hi there. do you know of that feeling when you’re probably not the smartest kid in class, and the results of your tests or exams are out with your teaching going through everybody’s marks and how they fared. here comes the sudden realisation that you’re the only one who did not do well at all, … Continue reading falling in love

walking the wire

hi there. today's monday, the start of february - day thirty two of this year. which also means that it is just eleven more days till the lunar new year, another one of my favorite festivities. although this year would be difference given the pandemic, lesser visitings and visitations, hopefully not lesser the money received … Continue reading walking the wire


hi there. i’ve been having the most unproductive, sleep-deprived week and i just wish that my insomnia would disappear, or at least not bother me for a little while. i have a term paper to start researching and writing for, and a mid-term exam next thursday. not forgetting having not done any of this week’s … Continue reading naive


hi there. as always, i should be doing something more productive and urgent like my assignments but i just felt the need to blog after writing in my journal today. but this sudden drive to keep blogging seems familiar, almost like an adrenaline rush where i have all these things i wish to type out … Continue reading twenty-two

making moves

hi there. i'm in my night class again, where i'm barely fifteen minutes into the lesson and i am feeling so much dread already. starting the lesson with a short group presentation is truly not my cup of tea, and i actually do love drinking teas. maybe its just me being a little biased against … Continue reading making moves